Getting a coronavirus vax is Bad for your health and this was obvious since 2020

30 Aug 2022
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30 Aug 2022
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Getting a coronavirus vax is something no well-informed person should have done and this was obvious since 2020

The evidence was overwhelming already in 2020 that getting the coronavirus vaccine increased  virtually everybody's likelihood of death. 


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Getting a coronavirus vax is something no well-informed person should have done and this was obvious since 2020
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The evidence was overwhelming already in 2020 that getting the coronavirus vaccine increased  virtually everybody's likelihood of death. 


From the release onward, CDC was admitting that they were counting people within two weeks of vaccination as unvaxxed. They did this because it was obvious already from the Pfizer trials, that the vaccine discombobulated the immune system for a couple weeks, so that people got more covid not less in this period.  This completely skewed their statistics, putting all of the near-term deaths from the vaccine and these many covid cases in the unvaccinated camp. Alberta Canada Inadvertently Published (and Quickly Deleted) Health Data Exposing that MORE THAN HALF of VACCINATED DEATHS Have Been COUNTED AS UNVACCINATED.  Because of this there was never any and is now no evidence to believe the vaccines were safe or effective. anybody sensible should have stayed away from such an obvious fraud. If you still believe CDC was correct in classifying these deaths, side effects, and cases as unvaxed, consider the case if the vax killed 100% of vaccinees within 2 weeks. As it was you have the absurd feature that unvaccinated excess deaths are being claimed to statistically rise when they started a vaccine campaign  in numerous countries. 

For one thing it was a coronavirus. there had never been a successful trial of a coronavirus vaccine, although there had been many attempts. And it was known  coronavirus was very fast mutating, so it would probably evade any vaccine that was temporarily successful, just as does the flu. 

 also the main candidates were mRNA vaccines, and there had been many trials of mRNA vaccines without any successes.  Even Bourla,  the CEO of Pfizer, seems to admit now that he should have known  the technology was not ready for mass use.

Not only that, but these were the first human trials to feature using synthetic stabilized mRNA, a radical change in technology which they had no idea how dangerous it could be or how long it could persist in the body. it's looking now as if they may have made the  synthetic mRNA  stable for years or perhaps lifetimes. it was completely insane to try this radical new technology out on hundreds of millions of people. 

also  all of the vaccines  were designed to induce immunity to the spike protein. but it was clear before the vaccine was released, that the spike protein was the most  mutable part of the virus, so that it would almost certainly mutate in the wild to evade any immunity the vaccine gave you. various experts were pointing this out. by contrast,  natural immunity creates antibodies and T cells recognizing at least 20 different regions on the virus, so that natural immunity is much more robust.

 unlike all previous human trials  of vaccines, these vaccines had gone through at best minimal animal testing, with all the animals killed  within weeks of getting the vaccine. but even on those previous vaccines which had  successfully passed rigorous animal tests, 95% failed human trials. for this shot in the dark, the likelihood  of success was even  worse. 

 furthermore to any person with an understanding of the world, it was clear that there was no way the pharmaceutical companies including the CDC were going to declare these vaccines a failure, no matter how bad the trial results were. and the trial results,  which they tried in court  to hide for 75 years, clearly show now that this was the case. they committed fraud, removed  large numbers of trial participants without comment, hid injured  vaccinees such as Maddie de Garay (Pfizer’s clinical trial for children aged 12-15 included only 1,131 children who were vaccinated and at least one of those children suffered a devastating, life-altering injury which, despite incontrovertible proof and the cries of both the victim and her parents, has not been appropriately acknowledged by Pfizer or the FDA. ) etc.

 also all the harmful effects that have since been observed were predicted before the vaccine was released by experts. the FDA had a slide in one of their presentations in September 2020 that listed almost all the side effects that have occurred-- and almost everything on their list has occurred.  it was pointed out that the vaccine would likely damage  reproductive abilities, for example by creating  auto immune antibodies to Syncitin,  a protein that is absolutely  necessary for a woman to give birth. a preprint paper pointed out that the vaccine would likely create Creutzfeldt-Jakob  and other prion disease, which it is now clear it has. it was pointed out that causing your own cells to produce spike protein, and thus create antibodies  to spike protein, would likely result in autoimmunity, attacking the heart and other places.

 long before the vaccine was released, it was scientifically established that early  or prophylactic treatment  with a variety of agents such as HCQ, Ivermectin, zinc, vitamin D, etc. prevented almost all death.

A discussion of antibody -dependent enhancement from 8/1/2020

The link with clots, myocarditis, heart attacks and strokes is now well accepted, as is the link with myelitis and neuropathy. (We predicted these side effects in our June 2020 QRBD article Sorensen et al. 2020, as the blast analysis revealed 79% homologies to human epitopes, especially PF4 and myelin.)

This by itself was reason to stay away. there's no science without spirited debate. the censor is always  censoring the truth, or they wouldn't need to censor, they would simply win the rational argument.

 And not only were they censoring, but it was obvious to anybody who looked at the issues with an open scientific mind, that they were lying about  almost everything:   early treatment, vaccinating those who were already immune, the efficacy of masks, lockdowns, Remdesivir,... For Ivermectin they went so ridiculously far as to run a propaganda campaign denigrating it as horse paste when it won a Nobel prize for human use and 4 billion doses had been administered safely and effectively since the 1980s around the world. 

 just to take a few examples: there was no  scientific basis whatsoever to require the recovered to take the vaccine, so the fact that they were doing that showed clearly they had another agenda. 

The experts being censored included from the start your doctor, not just media experts. and when have you ever heard of doctors telling patients with a respiratory problem to go home and wait till their lips are blue from oxygen deprivation, and then come check into the hospital? When Fauci's own lab  had published a paper  in 2005 that proved Chloroquine / Hydroxychloroquine prevents SARS-CoV infection and spread.  the whole thing is incredibly crazy, so again it's clear the agenda was not the well-being of the patients. 

It was clear early on the spike protein was genetically engineered, probably in a Chinese communist lab,  so it was way too likely a Trojan horse to consider putting in your body.

This was clear before the vaccines were released from the genetic structure of the spike protein;   from the fact that Moderna had a patent on a long section of it;  from documentary evidence that Fauci had been funding gain of function research on bat coronavirus;  from the organized effort to shut down debate on the subject; from the fact there is no  plausible animal pathway; and from the fact  that the whole plandemic had been planned out  and wargamed in a series of public meetings, cf. RFK Junior, "Fauci”, chapter 12  for a survey of some of the evidence and proceedings of the meetings. It couldn't have even been an accidental release because they knew when it was going to happen. Event 201, the final meeting to train officials and organizers around the world in how to conduct the plandemic, was held in October 2019. The French changed HCQ  from an over-the-counter purchase to a second class poison in early January, before anybody had heard of covid 19. The Democrats  so rushed impeachment hearings against Trump, that they didn't have time to call any witnesses or find any crimes in  December 2019, and then held onto it without submitting it to the Senate until the first case of covid 19 appeared in the US, presumably to  distract Trump from responding effectively to the plandemic, letting them institute all their measures. 



If you look at the historic data on the first human trial of all new vaccines, and ask what percent of the time it  leads to a vaccine that is approved and still in  service today without having been recalled  for causing too much harm or being ineffective, it's surely less than 5%. And if you look at the links below, you will find that these trials typically killed or damaged a high fraction of the vaccinees while offering at best limited protection. 

 there had been  numerous,  maybe dozens,  of HIV vaccines tested, (cf Chapter 9), RSV vaccines tested, etc. etc.  also specifically numerous tests of coronavirus vaccines, and numerous tests of mRNA vaccines none of which  passed the trial. Even vaccines that are said to be successful and in common use today, like IPV (polio),DTaP, MMR, etc. were preceded by numerous failed predecessors seeking to immunize against these diseases. For example there were at least half a dozen attempts at polio vaccines which paralyzed  many tens of thousands of kids before the Salk and Sabine vaccines were tested. Even the  first two polio vaccines licensed in the US, IPV (Salk) and OPV (Sabine) , OPV is no longer in use in the US because it paralyzes too many people, arguably more than polio, and both of them were dangerously  contaminated  with living monkey viruses such as SV40 well into the 60s, a fact which was known to CDC even as they were distributing them. They also were well aware that SV40  injected into hamsters caused cancer,  and probably as well in people. RSV,   which is an ape virus,   probably entered the  human population through contaminated polio vaccine.  

Early measles vaccine trials caused  atypical  measles in the vaccinees,  causing  fevers of 106°  in 83% of them instead of the 103° fevers they might've expected if they actually got measles. Even the MMR when  licensed contained substantial Mercury,  which caused  substantial neurodevelopment problems,  which the CDC tacitly acknowledged by removing it under pressure 30 years later. Even the CDC admits numerous early vaccine issuances have had to be recalled because of contamination problems.  

The CDC was publishing figures showing survival rates by age group: 0-19: 99.997% 20-49: 99.98% 50-69: 99.5% 70+: 94.6%. With survival rates like those how could it possibly be sensible for a healthy person under 69 to take an experimental trial vaccine? Before the end of August 2020, CDC admitted that more than 94% of those listed as dead with covid had multiple comorbidities.  it's true that if you had serious comorbidities it would have been nice to  have a safe and effective vaccine, but   given the low odds on this  vax  turning out to be safe and effective, and the fact that if you had serious comorbidities, those would undoubtedly make this vaccine far more damaging to you, and the fact that the vaccine wasn't even tested on people with comorbidities but only on healthy people,  taking the vax was  equally insane  if you had comorbidities.