The Printing and Packaging industries are the major contributors to garbage all over the world.

Amit Sengupta
15 Feb 2019
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Amit Sengupta
24 Oct 2020
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The amount of garbage will always keeping going up in that case

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The amount of garbage will always keeping going up in that case
There are other industries which produce more pollution and garbage.
This is statement is not a contradiction
There are probably no industries which do both.
The statement is valid to a large extent
Its high time that newspapers were phased out.
Amazon is a perfect example of this
This statement is irrelevant in the context of the main statement
Printing produces more garbage than packaging
The shelf life of newspapers is just a few hours
As long as we have a demand for printing and packaging, the amount of garbage in the world will never go down





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It would be wrong to put the blame on just two industries - there are a whole lot of industries like manufacturing, mining, plastics etc which produce much more pollution .

The main statement claims that printing and packaging are the main causes of garbage and pollution, and its placing fault squarely on these two domains.

Either they produce garbage or they pollute . Cant think of an industry which does both at the same time.

Other industries generate pollution but not physical garbage. One should not mix apples and oranges in the argument.

They do not belong in the 21st centure anymore. We get more news and information via digital sources that is more up to date.

When anyone orders something from Amazon, the package always comes in a perfectly packed box and wrapping. Sometimes the packing itself costs more than the actual item. This goes to the credit of Amazon, no doubt, but as a result, thousands of boxes are thrown away every day. What will people do with the empty boxes once they have taken delivery of the item?


The contention is not that printing and packaging are the only two causes of pollution , but the fact that they contribute significantly to it.

Packaging arguably has much more utility as it actually serves a purpose for the duration of its lifecycle. Printing on the other hand can produce a whole lot of material which never gets used or is just discarded without any utility.

Newspapers contribute to not only a huge amount of paper wastage but also the deforestation. Considering the fact that newspapers are thrown away after reading it once, this is a massive waste of natural resources and a huge contributor to garbage.

Due to the very nature of these industries, generation of garbage is a guaranteed side-effect.