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Eric Baum

Founder and CEO

Dr. Eric Baum conceived TruthSift in 2013 in direct reaction to his finally perceiving what a devastating problem Crowd Think is for the world. He has led the design and development of service, supported by a team of talented developers including Frank Nguyen, Casildo Romero, and Alex Koorkoff.

Dr. Baum earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Harvard University and a MA and Ph.D. in Physics at Princeton University. He worked at U Cal Berkeley, MIT, Caltech, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Princeton University, the NEC Research Institute, Azure Sky Research and was a Director at Netrics.

Dr. Baum is the author or co-author of numerous patents and technical publications including Zero Cosmological Constant from Minimum Action, Bounds on Ultrametric Structures, Internal Representations for Associative Memory, What Size Net Gives Valid Generalization, Neural Net Algorithms that Learn in Polynomial Time from Examples and Queries, DNA Sequences useful for Computation, A Bayesian Approach to Relevance in Game Playing, Evolution of Cooperative Problem Solving in an Artificial Economy, An Evolutionary Post Production System, Where Genetic Algorithms Excel, How to Build an Understanding Machine, and the MIT Press monograph "What is Thought?" (linked to Amazon).

Dr. Baum is an avid beach volleyball player and is a father of four.

Chaitra Baum